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Work Orders and Dispatching

Send orders or work assignment to your field workers from the office using our Wizzpers Portal.  The orders are sent to the mobile devices in real time and workers alerted of new incoming assignments.  You can also send the nearest workers to each job, saving time and fuel. Track jobs at every stage and keep records. All of which means faster, better service and happier customers.

Our location services capability helps you keep track of all your field employees and visibility on how they are spending their time. The Wizzpers suite provides the following tools to improve field dispatching. 

  • Customized order and assignment forms
  • Automatic work order delivery from the office to all mobile workers
  • Automatic geo-tagging of all data captured
  • Built-in workflow to implement approvals and reviews
  • Real-time work order status tracking
  • Integration with CRM and Order Management systems


  • Workers no longer need to go to the office to pick up their assignments
  • Increased field staff productivity
  • Reduced down time
  • Dispatch based on customer proximity

Return on Investment

Recovering 54 worker minutes per day can result in an annual labor savings of over $5,000 per employee. Saving 231 driver miles per week can net a company over $50,000 in annual fuel savings. Customer case studies that bear out high hard-dollar ROI results are plentiful. The typical success story reveals multiple expense reduction impacts and the added attraction of enhanced customer satisfaction:

A Motorola survey of U.S. transportation companies uncovered valuable detail around the benefits of using GPS on mobile devices. Those companies that had actual experience using location reported a variety of positive impacts.



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