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As healthcare providers look to increase quality of care while facing cost increases and regulations, technology is seen as a solution to face these challenges.

HealthcareOur Wizzpers solution brings unprecedented mobility options to healthcare providers. Wizzpers helps you mobilize your existing patient information systems by creating a tightly integrated mobile front-end to your EMR, ADT and other clinical systems. Our robust patient data capture and collaboration capabilities will reduce the time required to capture patient round information while increasing data quality.  The system uploads information to your existing systems in real-time.

Some examples of how we can help increase productivity

Nursing Assistant Optimization

Wizzpers improves nursing assistant productivity, allowing nurses to focus on delivering high-quality care. Nursing assistants can capture data in any format, such as electronic forms, text, video, photos & voice from any smart phone or tablet, such as iPhone, iPad, & Android devices.

Nursing assistants can document patient conditions, services performed & events, including critical alerts, in the most appropriate format & in real-time by:

•        Providing customized mobile forms for data capture
•        Attaching photos, verbal reports or videos to data forms
•        Building rich media database about patient services, observations, problems, etc.
•        Reducing errors by eliminating traditional data entry
•        Alerting care-givers to critical events
•        Integration with back-end systems

End of Shift Documentation

Among the many challenges facing hospitals today, end of shift reports stand out as critical in ensuring patient care and safety.  Not to mention the excessive amount of time spent away from patients in order to perform end of shift transitions.  Recent studies show that:

  • On average, nurses spend 45 minutes delivering shift updates to oncoming nurses
  • Over 18 minutes in over time is spent per shift, per nurse in creating shift reports
  • In many cases, shift reports have incomplete information
  • Difficult to get answers or clarification from nurses not on the shift
  • Extremely difficult to share shift report information with other care team members

Wizzpers drastically reduces or eliminates the need to conduct traditional shift reports.  Wizzpers is a mobile multi-media solution that allows nurses and doctors to capture patient information as they make their rounds.  Nurses can document their rounds with a smart phone or tablet using voice recording, photos, videos and text.  It has never been easier to transition shifts accurately and efficiently.   


  • Reallocate nursing staff and resources to maximize patient care
  • Real-time patient information upload to EMR and other back-end systems
  • Reduce non-clinical task performed by nurses
  • Improve patient experience, outcomes and satisfaction
  • Better visibility of all activities

Return on Investment

According to the Labor of Bureau Statistics, the nursing shortage will continue to plague the healthcare arena with more than 1,000,000 additional RNs needed by 2010. The need for nursing efficiency is more critical than ever before, yet industry statistics currently show that nurses spend as much as 30% of their time away from the bedside chasing down medications, supplies, lab results and tests.


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