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Field Asset Tracking and Management

Wizzpers is a total solution, providing robust mobile and Web capabilities, including the ability to use on or off line working on iPhones, iPads, Android Devices, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Workers are not prevented from entering job data just because they are in a location without Internet connectivity.

Combining bar code scanning, GPS coordinates and photos helps you to efficiently capture accurate information about every asset, site or installation.  Our integration capabilities to most popular asset management systems ensures that your data will be uploaded in real time, eliminating the need to handle paper or repetitive data entry tasks.

The Wizzpers suite provides the following tools to improve field asset tracking. 

  • Customized data capture forms to fit the needs of the project
  • Bar code scanning to ensure the correct asset is being documented
  • Automatic geo-tagging of all data captured
  • Built-in workflow to implement approvals and reviews
  • Ability to attached multi-media (Voice, Photos, Video)
  • Integration with asset management systems.


  • Longer asset operational cycles
  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs
  • Higher asset utilization rates
  • Significantly increase field staff productivity
  • Access critical asset information from any enabled mobile device

Return on Investment

The asset tracking processes in place have been calculated to have saved a medium size organization $147,000 in the first eight months of operation, which CAEP Refurbishment Centre (CRC) manager Valerie Ford described as “a great return on investment for us”


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