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Wizzpers Data Collection

Wizzpers is the only mobile data capture and collaboration platform in the market today that leverages videos, photos, voice/sound and text to enrich information.

Now, field staff can document events in the most appropriate format and upload information in real-time to back-end systems. Our GPS capabilities tag the exact location where data is captured as well as staff location in real-time.

Among the many challenges facing field operations today, are the time consuming tasks of re-entering data into diverse systems or having to use paper based forms that can be error prone.  Wizzpers brings unprecedented simplicity by automatically transmitting field data wirelessly to back-end systems in real-time. Our solution saves time, reduces data errors and makes staff significantly more efficient by:

  • Providing the appropriate forms on the mobile device
  • Attaching photos, verbal reports or videos to data forms automatically
  • Building rich media database about assets, inspections and other field data
  • Reducing errors by eliminating traditional data entry
  • Lowering costs by leveraging off the shelf hardware (iPhone, Android)
  • Integration with back-end systems for automatic data uploads

How Does Wizzpers Work?

Mobile Forms and Work Orders:
Wirelessly deliver work orders and forms to field staff for work assignments.  Our mobile forms can be designed to capture discrete data such equipment readings, specifications or as check lists to ensure proper procedures are followed.  Rich media can be attached to forms or line items within a form to further enhance the data.

Mobile Multi-Media:
The ability to document any event using voice recording, video, photos or text right from a mobile phone, gives you a great deal of flexibility and makes the documentation much more accurate and easier to communicate to other team members.

Workflow and Reporting

The benefits of having a truly mobile data capture solution are obvious but without a robust workflow and reporting capability these benefits can be limited.  Wizzpers was designed to automate your most complex field inspection and data capture processes.  The dashboard and reporting capabilities gives you visibility and real time information on activities.

Secure and Private:
Our solution is secure and private. All data transfers are encrypted and databases protected.

Wizzpers will help you remove manual tasks, improve data quality, reduce field inspection costs and have the reporting capability to make it easier to produce reports.



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