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HRI's StemPlate™ Procedure combines cutting edge regenerative processes to enhance healing and pain relief of injured areas of the body.

There are no chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements. This is your body, healing your body. Read More


HRI is focusing on procedures for orthopaedic conditions of knee and ankle:

Ankle Ligament
Ankle Osteoarthritis
Knee Osteoarthritis
Meniscus Tear

More conditions treated

Why Stem Cells and PRP?

In order to understand the mechanism of action of platelet–rich plasma it is necessary to review the normal healing process of musculoskeletal tissue. The repair response starts with the formation of a blood clot and degranulation of platelets. Read More

Sitting quiescently in bone marrow, tooth enamel, adipose (fat) tissues and other places in the body, these cells “wake up” upon receiving signals related to injury inflammation. Read More
In vitro studies have demonstrated that platelet–rich plasma can enhance the proliferation of stem cells and fibroblasts.
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